Fichiers Etat Civil

Service d’état Civil

Mme NKEN Esther Victoire; Responsable d’Etat Civil; Tél: 698682471 / 699304931 / 670765581


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  • Bonjour.

    Nous sommes la formation hospitalière AIMEE CARE du district de santé de Bangue.
    Nous avons besoin d’un formulaire de déclaration de naissance.

    TAYO Georges
  • Hello, my name is Houssein Abdel Rahman, I was born in Douala, 17, July, 1977. I want to renew my birth certificate. I want just to know if my archieve is still there. my birth certificate .no 847/77 . Name on birth certificate: Abdel Rahman Houssein. issued by officier de l’etat civil du center de belle, Charles Duclaux, on 10 august, 1977. Please this is very urgent, so I need a phone number or whatsapp of somebody so I can call and verify further regarding this issue.

    Houssein Abdel Rahman

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